Welcome to my FIRST EVER site :]
I'm having a lot of fun structuring and decorating my website, sort of, not really. I rage A LOT
I started my first page over like 3 times.
I get too caught up with myself and focus on the little details. I'm not going to lie I get really frustrated.
Good thing I have my cute sweet boyfriend there to calm me down and help me.
My boyfriend calls me a perfectionist but I just want my site to look pretty :>
I love my boyfriend he is such a sweetie and he's very cute and handsome and charming and just :3

Talking about my boyfriend, you should check out his website. He worked hard on it and personally I think its pretty fucking cool.

I hope you enjoy my site and have fun wondering around (soon, hopefully, when I add the rest of the shit :3).

-PeanutPeanus <3